Introduction To Place Value

Place value is described as the position of any digit in a number. 

Place value determines the value of each digit in a number.

The order of positions of digits in a number from right to left is units or ones on extreme right position, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, lakhs and so on.

Example : 85 in place value chart is placed as

  • There are 2 types of place value chart
    • Indian place value chart which is based on Indian Numeral System.
    • International place value chart which is based on International Numeral System.

Counting in groups of tens and ones

  • Counting becomes easier if counted in groups of tens and ones.
  • Counting by this method takes less time and is more accurate.
  • In the early days of learning kids can easily learn counting objects by grouping them.
  • Kids can easily understand this concept by counting 10 toffees from a packet then count for another 10 toffees and make group and by repeating that-
    • 1 group of 10 makes 10
    • 2 groups of 10 makes 20
    • 3 groups of 10 makes 30 and so on.

For Example :

  • If a child is said to count number of balloons given below, it would be quite difficult and chances of error are also more but the same task is made easier by grouping balloons in the group of 10 as shown below :

Here, there are 3 groups of 10 cupcakes and 2 cupcakes are left behind which makes total to 3 groups of 10 = 30 then count ahead 30 for left out 2 cupcakes which make it 32.


  • All 2 digits numbers are made of Tens and Ones.
  • Kids can learn about tens simply by counting books in the pile, chips in the packet, flowers in the garland, counting lines in the notebook page etc. in the group of 10.
  • The smallest 2 digit number is 10 and the largest 2 digit number is 99.
  •  In a 2 digit number, digit on right is on ones position and digit on the left is on tens position. Example 25 : 

Here 5 is on ones position and 2 is on tens position which makes the number as 2 tens and 5 ones – Twenty five.

Let’s begin by discovering some ways to teach place value to our young learners in a fun and interesting ways : 


Teaching place value with kid friendly, clear and easy to understand posters from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :

Download free printable teaching resources from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs for a better understanding of place value.


Teaching place value through stories from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :


Teaching place value by activities :

Hat Trick :

This is an interesting activity to clarify kids the important concept of place value. Through this activity, we can teach kids to form the smallest or the largest number by the given digits. This activity can be executed by following steps :

  • Write numbers from 0 to 9 on separate index cards and place them in a hat.
  •  Then instruct the child to draw one, two, or three cards out of the hat and form numbers from the digits on the cards.
  • For example, if your child pulls the numbers 3, 6, and 9, he or she can make 3, 6, 9, 36, 39, 96, 69, etc.

Help your kids to practise place value by interesting and fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs.

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